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LeCheval hosts a number of schooling shows throughout the year.  These are a great way to expose young horses/riders to a show atmosphere and also for more experienced pairs to get more practice in the ring.

Grace McMillen and Tilt compete at a LeCheval Schooling show

Grace McMillen and Tilt compete at a LeCheval Schooling show

LeCheval offers a variety of schooling shows throughout the year.  Some offer just hunter/jumper classes from poles on the ground-3’6″ jumpers.  Combined tests and schooling dressage shows are also offered, giving riders a chance to school their USEA dressage tests before the beginning of the event season.

Brett Lingle and Sven at the March 2015 Dressage Show

Brett Lingle and Sven March 2015 Dressage Show

Attire is casual but safe.  No braiding unless you really want to.  Atmosphere is laid back with schooling and feedback from the judges.  Ribbons and other great prizes awarded at the shows.

Everything is priced so it is affordable!  No office, grounds, or change fees.

Hunter/Jumper Shows: Schooling $15/horse.  Classes $15/each

Dressage Shows: $25/test

Combined Tests: $50/level, $25/extra Dressage Tests

Schedule of Classes

  1. Cross Rail Hunter – 18”
  2. Cross Rail Hunter – 18”
  3. Cross Rail Hunter – FLAT (W/T)
  4. Limit Hunter- 2’
  5. Limit Hunter – 2’
  6. Limit Hunter (W/T/C)
  7. Childrens- 2’
  8. Childrens- 2’
  9. Childrens – Flat
  10. Low Hunter – 2’-2’3”
  11. Low Hunter- 2’-2’3”
  12. Low Hunter- Flat
  13. Equitation Over Fences-2’3-2’6”
  14. Equitation Over Fences 2’3”-2’6”
  15. Equitation-Flat
  16. Baby Green- 2’3”- 2’6”
  17. Baby Green- 2’3”- 2’6”
  18. Baby Green-Flat
  19. Green Hunter- 2’6”-2’9”
  20. Green Hunter-2’6”-2’9”
  21. Green Hunter-Flat

22   Baby Jumper-2’3”-2’6”

  1. Training Jumper-2’6”-2’9”
  2. Open Hunter-3’-3’3”
  3. Open Hunter-3’-3’3”
  4. Open Hunter-Flat

A junior exhibitor is an individual who has not reached his/her 18th birthday by December of the current show year.

An adult exhibitor is an individual no longer eligible to compete as a junior.

Division Descriptions:

Crossrail Hunter; Open to horses and ponies and riders of any age and experience. Horse and rider may not compete in classes with fences over 2’. Class will be divided by age if entries warrant. Fences 18”


Limit Hunter: A horse or pony ridden by a rider of any age who as a pair has not won 4 blue ribbons over fences at any show at the beginning of the show season. Horse/rider combination may not show in classes above 2’6”. Fences 2’

CHILDRENS: Is open to junior riders. Fences2’   .

Low HUNTER: Open to any horse or pony regardless of experience. Any one may ride a pony. Horse/ rider may not enter classes over 2’9”. Fences 2’3”

NOVICE HUNTER: Open to any horse/pony who has not won three blue ribbons over fences.

GREEN HUNTER: Open to horses/pony of any age in its first or second year of showing over fences. Fences2’6”-2’9”                                                 OPEN HUNTER: Open to all horses regardless of age or prior showing experience. Fences 3’-3’3”