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IEA Classic Three-Day

If you are interested in competing in the long-format event at either the Novice or Training level please read this!

Indiana Eventing Association’s Classic 3-day Series is on June 2-5, 2016.

The classic 3-day will open on March 29, 2016 and closes April 26, 2016

All qualifications must be completed by the closing date.



       Training Level                                                                                               Novice Level

   4 Events Completed with a valid NQR-both horse and rider            4 Events Completed with Numerical Score-Rider

   1 NQR obtained as a pair

   Horse must be at least 4 years old                                                            Horse must be at least 4 years old

   NQR: Dressage Score Under 50 (USEA)

  NQR: No Cross Country Jump Penalties, less than 36 Time Penalties

  NQR: Less than 16 Jump Penalties

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